“Even if capital punishment is removed from the bill, its passage would herald extraordinary state persecution of a demonized and beleaguered minority. Already, some Ugandan newspapers have taken to publishing lists of alleged gays and lesbians with blaring headlines like “Hang Them!” and “Homo Terror!” The bill is the culmination of an anti-gay campaign that’s been waged in Uganda for more than a decade. Because some American evangelicals have played a major role in that campaign, they’re at least partly responsible for what is happening now.” – The Daily Beast

Uganda ist überall. Überall wo amerikanische Evangikale ihre “Mission” fortführen – und wer meint, wir wären in Deutschland davor gefeit, der erinnere sich an die Freude unserer christlich-sozialen Kanzlerin über die Tötung eines Belzebuben.

“Uganda is a country where American-style evangelical Christianity is exploding, and there are close links between many American anti-gay preachers, politicians, and activists, and their Ugandan counterparts.”