Stop the Grind – Shame on Denmark and Faroes

Die Faröer Inseln, staatlich im Königreich Dänemark organisiert, schlachten weiterhin, trotz weltweiter Proteste jedes Jahr hunderte Grindwale ab. Angeblich aus Tradition.

Um diese blutige und nutzlose Abschlachterei zu beenden, muss der öffentliche Druck steigen. Bei Rollo Gebhard findet sich eine Petition an den Ministerpräsidenten der Faröer Inseln:
Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen

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Faroe Islands Tourist Board | E-Mail:
Königlich Dänische Botschaft
Seiner Exzellenz dem Botschafter von Dänemark
Carsten Søndergaard | E-Mail:

Dear Prime Minister Johannesen,

I am shocked to learn that the Faroe Islands continue to brutally slaughter hundreds of pilot whales each year. I respectfully ask you to ban this cruel tradition. The brutality exhibited by the fishermen in killing these intelligent, social and sentient beings is beyond description.

Apart from the pain and suffering inflicted upon the cetaceans during the chase and slaughter, the method of killing also has severe impacts on wildlife. By killing dozens of individuals at once, the fishermen wipe out entire families and social groups of marine mammals, thereby destroying important building blocks of the species’ gene pool and threatening its genetic biodiversity.

The Faroese pilot whale hunts are now completely unnecessary as they are no longer needed to provide food for islanders. Moreover, with recent studies showing that the meat from cetaceans contains toxins that are unsafe to consume, no one should be eating meat from the pilot whales anyway.

I urge you to use your influence to stop the 'traditional' whale massacres. They have no place in a modern world where the general consensus is that cetaceans are in need of protection, as expressed in the Bern and Bonn Conventions.

I will not buy any products from the Faroe Islands nor visit the islands until the whale hunt ends.

Thank you for your attention.