Wasserdichte IPad Cover, Cases, Hüllen?

Das Ipad eignet sich hervorragend für Tourensport, Radfahren, Wandern und Segeln bspw. – alles Sportarten, bei denen man mehr oder weniger mit Wasser (Salzwasser) in Berührung kommt. Aber welche Cases, Hüllen oder Cover eignen sich besonders?

… und was mache ich, wenn mein Ipad doch einmal nass/feucht geworden ist?

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  • Bei Nass-werden:

    Fix iPad Water Damage

    If your Apple iPad gets wet in a non-water proof case or your water resistant case gets soaked, you want to follow the directions below to fix your iPad water damage.

    * Don’t touch any buttons
    * Don’t turn the iPad on, if it’s off.
    * Take the iPad out of the case, if it’s in one, and shake out any extra water
    * Use a blow dryer to dry out as much of the water as you can.
    * Gently shake the iPad again to remove any other water, or continue to use the hair dryer on a low heat setting to dry out the iPad.
    * Put the iPad in a bag of rice for about 2 to 3 days to finish drying out.
    * After about 4 to 5 days, try to turn on the iPad to see if it works. You may have to charge it before it’ll turn on.

    If the iPad doesn’t work, you may be able to call Apple support for further assistance, but more than likely you’ll just have to buy another one.

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